Discover Bali

Bali The ‘Millionaires Playground’


Bali has proven to be one of the Best Tourist Destinations in the World. Dubbed the ‘Island of the Gods’, dream-like Bali offers up beaches as idyllic as you are likely to find anywhere in the world, with world-class surfing, exceptional diving and snorkeling. The scenery moves through atmospheric rice paddies, mountains, lush jungle and starkly beautiful volcanoes,  temples, rural villages and archaeological attractions.  

More to do in Bali

If you are looking for  more entertainment based holiday you have on your doorstep a never ending supply of world class restaurants, Bars, nightclubs and lets not forget a host of some of the worlds best beach clubs, Cafe de Mar Ibiza,  Fins, Mrs Sippy, Potatohead and KU DE TA to name a few, Little wonder Bali is one of the world’s most visited islands and a haunt of the super rich. However (and just to go full circle to where we started) Bali is a land of contrasts and although it might be a ‘millionaire’s playground’ it also happens to be a hub of the backpacker and budget traveler too, so whatever your budget you are guaranteed to have the holiday of a lifetime in Bali. 

How big is the Bali villa market?


US$138 million – That’s the value of the Bali villa rental market. That’s about 35% of the Asia Pacific market. (source:’s Asia Pacific Villa Rental Market Research 2017)

3,000 – This is the number of villas available full-time for short-term rental in Bali (source:’s research)

5.7 million foreign tourists visited Bali in 2017. (Source: Bali Government Tourism Office)

Bali Executive Villas are taking full advantage of this thriving Market, our villas never fall under a 75% occupancy and because we are on a profit share with our investors the harder we work the more profit we all make, which we feel is the unique defining quality of our company.