What is the management contract?

Management contract is the agreement between a Villa Owner and Bali Executive villas (Bev), Which gives authority to  BEV to use the villa under their licensed company to run the holiday letting Model under there full direction.

What is the sublease?

On the day you purchase your villa you then sell/sublease it to BEV for the duration of the lease.  This removes any and all legal obligations from yourself over the villa in reference to daily rental and the villa then falls under our company licences which allows us to run the daily rental model.

How will I know how the villa is performing?

We provide a quarterly statement of every booking the villa has made during that time.

How can I be sure that the rental return is calculated correctly?

We provide a full quarterly statement of every in going and out going transaction that has been made in the operation of the villa.

Where are the rental returns paid?

Our Bank is with HSBC and we can pay your return to any Bank of your choice in your country of residence or choosing. 

Can I stay in my villa?

Yes each contract will have 14 night free stay during low season or a 7 night free stay during high season (not available during peak season).

What if I want to stay in my villa for longer than the contracted amount?

IF for example you wanted 2 weeks in high season you would get the 1st week free and the 2nd week at a discounted rate of 70% daily rate.

Are there any exclusions or restrictions on specific periods of the year where I can use my villa?

the only exclusion is peak season as this is where all villas maximize on there daily rental rate  July and August, during Easter Holidays  and Christmas / New Year ( 10th December till 2nd week of January). 

Can I offer my friends to stay in my villa instead of me?

Yes, of course.

Do i have to use my free stays?

No there is no obligation, if your free stays are not used the nights are marketed for daily rental from which you benefit.

What is the ownership structure?

you will have 100% ownership of the lease for the duration of the lease.

What legal entity will act for me in the purchase of the lease?

We have a relationship with an Australian Owned legal company in Bali who specialize in transacting lease sales for foreign investors in Bali.

What are the expected costs of the legal acts?

if the value of the deal is under 1 billion IDR around £850, if over 1bn IDR then 2.5%.

Will I pay tax on my rental revenues in my country of residence?

We recommend that each buyer studies his own personal tax situation. 

Will I be able to resell my lease villa?

Absolutely. Should you wish to sell your villa, we will act as the broker and find a suitable buyer to replace the investment. 

Is the villa Insured?

Yes the villa is fully insured including cover for all natural disasters.